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At Speedway Custom Photo Lab, we offer high quality passport photos that meet both domestic and foreign passport requirements. We regularly take United States and foreign passport photos, and are fully equipped to meet your needs. You can avoid long wait times and frustrating customer service by coming to Daytona's most experienced professional photo lab for quick, easy, and high quality passport photos.

We are the only studio in the Daytona Beach area that takes any type of ID or passport photo you may need with professional lighting and professional cameras. We are prepared to provide you with any type of photo, including:

From start to finish, we will get your passport photo to you in 10 minutes. Call us at 386-258-5051 to make an appointment for your new passport photo.


US Passport Photos are 2 x 2 in
There is a head size requirement of 1 to 1⅜ in

The U.S. passport photo background must be pure white, something that is usually only achieved properly if a background light is employed between the subject and the background. At Speedway Custom Photo Lab, we regularly take U.S. passport photos.

Canadian Passport Photo

Canadian Passport Photos are 50 x 70mm (2 x 2.75 in)

Speedway Custom Photo Lab is on the Canadian Consulate’s “Preferred Photographer” list thanks to our consistent production over the years of Canadian Passport Photos, Canadian Citizenship Photos, and Canadian Permanent Residency Photos.

British (United Kingdom / UK) Passport Photo

British (or UK) Passport Photos are 35 x 45mm
There is a head size requirement of 29 to 34 mm

The UK or British passport photo background must be light grey. While most local drug stores are able to get the “head size” requirement correct, they are unable to provide the correct outer dimensions for UK passport photos.

Jamaican Passport Photo

Jamaican Passport Photos are 45 x 35 mm

Jamaican passports must have a margin no less than 2 mm from the top of the head to the edge of the photograph, and must show the length of the face between 25 and 35mm long from the chin to the top of the head.

Passport Photos Measured in Millimeters

With foreign passport photos, you want to remember that your photo will be measured in millimeters. Speedway Custom Photo Lab is unlike your local drug store or U.S. Post Office—we have the tools and information specific for each country you are traveling to or from and will be able to quickly give you the photo that you need for your foreign passport photo.

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